Where I Shop

I try to avoid supermarkets as much as humanly possible, electing to shop in family owned stores and boutiques instead. These stores have a better quality and wider variety of the foods I like to buy. Here are a few of the stores and markets where I like to shop! The first three listed are where the vast majority of my grocery money is spent.


Farm Boy is a locally based grocery store chain with about a dozen locations in and around Ottawa. They focus on whole foods. They have awesome produce and a really nice selection of meats and fresh fish.


La Bottega Nicastro is a family owned italian foods store in the Byward Market. I buy pasta, olives, cheeses, vinegars, oils and a few other pantry items from them. They also have a killer sandwich bar, you have to try one!


I get the majority of my produce at this farmers market, from a couple specific stands, when they’re open. Outta luck in the winter months.


These guys have incredible specials. INCREDIBLE. It’s great when you want to make a fancy grilled cheese or cucumber sandwich. They’re also located in the Byward Market.


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